Tomorrow Is It…


Tomorrow starts my day shifts at the hospital.  I’d be lying if I was to say I wasn’t nervous.  As I mentioned to the girl who initially trained me when I started… I never really bothered to find my rhythm during day shift because I knew I was going nights. It was during the night time that I found my rhythm and was able to get things done as needed.  Plus I worked a night shift on Saturday night (got off Sunday morning) and I didn’t really allow myself enough days to get accustomed to sleeping at night again.  So, tomorrow might well be a LONG day!

Today I spent most of the day napping in the morning (because I couldn’t sleep last night, as hard as I tried).  Then I tried to stay awake and busy.  Off the couch and out of the bed. I knew that if I stayed sitting to long on one of these comfortable platforms I would really struggle to stay awake.  Figuring that it would mean I would struggle to sleep tonight if I slept to much.  However, what I didn’t account for was the fact that now my body is awake even after not napping.  Because, plain and simple, my body is used to having to be awake even if I don’t sleep during the day.  But because I was trying to stay busy my house is straightened up and my sheets smell clean and fresh since I did laundry.  Now if I could just get my brain to SHUT UP long enough to go to bed and enjoy those clean sheets!

I’m a little worried about how I am going to do tomorrow.  I like to be fast and get my job done but I worry.  I know that at least for the first few days I won’t be as effective as I could be.  Until I figure out my way of doing things I will be slower.  That will drive me crazy!  But I am sure I will figure it out… I just have to have some patience with myself.  They wouldn’t have offered me day shift if they didn’t think I was capable of it anyways.  So, send me some positive thoughts and such for tomorrow… oh and Wednesday!  Hopefully the weekend will be slower.  Guess we will see… since that isn’t always the case either!


Autumn Has Arrived

When I left work this morning… I could feel the change in the air.  When I typically IMG_0874[1]walk out in the morning it has been hot and humid.  Even as early as I am leaving the parking garage.  It just really smacked you in the face.  However, this morning I walked out into the parking garage and was smacked in the face with a chilly blast of air.  Which made me really glad that I had on my jacket already.  But it was nice to not have the air sucked out of you as soon as you step out.  How weird is it that the cooler air actually came on time since none of the seasons ever show up on time!

I’m really ready for the cooler weather.  I’m not ready for the cold weather though.  I am looking forward to doing a few activities this fall with the children.  Some things we haven’t done before!  What a way to bring in the fall… beginning day shift so we can do fun things in the evening as a family!  I’m pretty excited!!  I have wanted to be able to do these things with the kids for years but I haven’t actually accomplished it.  Although the kids have done some of these things through their schools I haven’t been able to do it myself.

  • Go Pick Our Own Apples At An Orchard-  I haven’t ever went and picked my own apples.  I know that the boys have been to the orchard where we used to live with their school.  I depend on stores to provide my apples typically but I think that going and getting our hands ”dirty”.  I think this will serve as a neat activity we can do as a family.  If we get really lucky maybe I will even learn to make an apple pie!
  • Go To A Pumpkin Patch To Pick Up Pumpkins-  I’d love to be able to pick a pumpkin for each child and, instead of carving them,  painting them and placing them either in the reading area or outside on the “porch”. 
  • Shop For Halloween Costumes-  This one is pretty self explanatory.  However, I have done this before with the kids.  But it’s always a lot of fun.  The kids have ideas of what they would like to be but we haven’t actually decided what we are going for.  We will see soon!
  • Have A Picnic At The Park-  Spending wonderful family time together on a weekend off. 
  • Family Evening-  Have a family evening with popcorn and a movie.  Watching an old favorite Charlie Brown movie! 
  • Go To The Zoo- I’d like to spend a cooler day at the zoo enjoying some time with my kids.  Maybe I can also have a day with some extended family too.  We will see!

All this fun before the hustle and bustle of the holiday seasons. Before the really cold weather moves in.  Because I dislike cold weather… and probably will plan very few extra activities outdoors while it’s really cold.

Single Mom: Night Shift

Years ago I began working at a hospital.  I never wanted to work a day shift as a nurse assistant.  I was married at the time so I began working a night shift. At first I was working five nights a week with each shift being 8 hours long.  As much as I tried it really affected my sleep schedule.

When I divorced, I switched to being scheduled three nights a week with each shift being 12 hours long.  However, because I was supporting my children without help and I was paying alimony to my second ex husband, I often picked up extra shifts.

Initially as a single mom the night shift really worked well.  I would work a night shift and get the kids off to school.   I would sleep while they were in school.  I would try to get up before they got home to spend time with them before I went into work again.  This way I only had 2 hours where I wasn’t “with” my children while they were awake.

As you already know…  I am switching to day shift soon.  Primarily it was because of my migraines.  But I am going to be honest when I say I’m looking forward to a normal sleep schedule.  Because, again, try as you might it will affect your regular sleep schedule.  I can’t sleep most nights.  I can be so sleepy and not get to sleep until about 4-5 in the morning.  Which means I still sleep most of the day on my days off.  I would like to be able to sleep normally.

As a single mom, I can’t be sleeping on the days the children are home.  I feel really bad when the kids are tiptoeing around on my days off.  It is one of the struggles I personally face as a mom.  I really do hope this change in schedule will help my struggle.  At least a little bit.

Teen Talk: Cell Phone


It is time for another edition of Teen Talk.  Laura has been working pretty hard on the post for this week.  Today’s topic was cell phones and teenagers. I asked her to address her thoughts on many aspects of the cell phone.  If you haven’t seen Laura’s introduction, please check out this post.

I have a cell phone.  It is an iPhone 4S.  I love to text but I kind of hate calling.  (Mom’s Note:  Laura does have an iPhone 4S.  Because I know that will get some people stirring… let’s say that it wasn’t expensive since it wasn’t the newest version at the time.  She has the iPhone because of Apple’s app “Find My iPhone”.  I can track her and her cell phone down to where she is at.  That is the basic reason she was given the iPhone.)

Some of my favorite apps are YouTube, Iheartradio, Sims Free Play, Matching, Jurassic Park, and Wattpad.  I also like my FaceBook app.  I wish I could get more games on my phone, but my mom took the app store off my phone.  I think she doesn’t want me to have games.  In my opinion, parents shouldn’t be able to do that.  I mean, I think it’s okay for parents to check their phone if they want to make sure their kids don’t have anything inappropriate.  However, I think that kids also deserve their privacy. 

The good thing about having a phone… is when you move, you still have contact.  I can still keep in contact with my friends even though I have moved a few times.  We spend a lot of time texting each other.

If parents ground you from the phone, I think that they should be grounded for a good reason.  There should defiantly be an end date to the punishment.  I think a good length of time is a week or two.  I don’t really like when I get in trouble for something and they take my phone away from me.  My mom takes my phone away my phone at night as well. In my opinion they shouldn’t be allowed to take my phone away at night.  Because it’s not exactly going to help me in the future. 

I think that children should be allowed to get a cell phone when they are 11-12years old.  It depends on the kids maturity and if they would break it.  Many kids get angry and throw things.  You will want to be careful with your phone because they are expensive.  You will be expected to keep your phone through the contract (normally two years).  But you might want to keep it longer. 

Goals… Goals… More Goals… :-)

When I was blogging over at Jess 3.0 I had begun to do a rather large project.  I also failed to finish this project.  So, maybe my birthday is a good day to restart this challenge! Here is my official acceptance of taking on the 101 goals in 1001 days!!  Wish me luck to finish it this time…

  1. Complete the kitchen and dinning room.
  2. Complete the reading porch.
  3. Complete the living room.
  4. Complete the bathroom.
  5. Complete my bedroom.
  6. Complete the boys’ room.
  7. Complete the girl’s room.
  8. Buy a washer and dryer.
  9. Purchase at least 3 window air conditioner units.
  10. Begin renting a new house/purchase a house.
  11. Create a budget.  Re-evaluate the budget every month for 6 months.  Make adjustment as needed.
  12. Begin and complete a rehabilitation program for my student loan.
  13. Get a copy of my credit report, pay off at least 4 bad debts.
  14. Open a savings account for myself.
  15. Open a savings account for Laura.
  16. Open a savings account for Caleb.
  17. Open a savings account for Matthew.
  18. Have at least 3 months living expenses in my savings account.
  19. Pay off my current car completely (I own it but need to pay off to my mom).
  20. Ensure each bill gets paid be its due date.
  21. Begin meal planning and stick through it for 8 weeks.
  22. Go riding on a horse.
  23. Go shoot a gun at a gun range.
  24. Go ride on a motorcycle.
  25. Go skinny-dipping.
  26. Watch (and review) 25 movies that I’ve never seen before.
  27. Read (and review) 25 books that I’ve never seen before.
  28. Upgrade my phone and keep same phone until upgrade date.
  29. Do something, not listed, that scares me.
  30. Try at least 5 new activities in search of hobbies.
  31. Complete C25K program.
  32. Get to a healthy weight of 115 lbs.  Do a check-in at current weight, 140 lbs, 130 lbs, 120 lbs, and 115 lbs.
  33. Limit soda intake to 24 ounces per day for 8 weeks.
  34. Increase water intake to at least 72 ounces per day for 8 weeks.
  35. Join a gym a begin going 3 times a week for 8 weeks.
  36. Begin taking walks/runs 3 times a week for 8 weeks.
  37. Limit eating out to 1 time every 2 weeks.
  38. Starting serving salads 3 times a week with dinner for 8 weeks.
  39. Begin serving at least one vegetarian meal a week.
  40. Find a workout partner, either online or in person.
  41. Get a header created for my blog.
  42. Purchase a domain for my blog.
  43. Do a 30 post in 30 day challenge.
  44. Begin doing a video every week for 24 weeks.
  45. Meet Shauna in person, finally after all these years!
  46. Complete a post about overcoming my eating disorder.
  47. Create a post about overcoming abuse.
  48. Participate in an online exchange.
  49. Create 3 social media venues for the blog.
  50. Begin offering promotions and reviews.
  51. Begin dating again.
  52. Do something new/different with my hair.
  53. Buy new contacts.
  54. Buy new glasses.
  55. Go to a concert.
  56. Get a a manicure/pedicure.
  57. Research a tube reversal/hysterectomy for my ovarian cysts.
  58. Continue to resolve my migraine/seizure difficulty.
  59. Fix my teeth again, facing my fear of dentists.
  60. Get my eyebrows waxed for the first time.
  61. Begin a weekly game night with the kids.
  62. Go on 1, week long, vacation as a family.
  63. Go on 3, weekend long, trips as a family.
  64. Go on at least 6 day trips as a family.
  65. Cook one meal a week as a family, for 8 weeks.
  66. Spend 1 day a month doing something that Laura enjoys, for 6 months.
  67. Spend 1 day a month doing something that Caleb enjoys, for 6 months.
  68. Spend 1 day a month doing something that Matthew enjoys, for 6 months.
  69. Read a book with the children every night I am off work.  Complete at least 3 books.
  70. Go geocaching at least 10 times successfully.
  71. Complete my ECE (Early Childhood Education) degree.
  72. Find a new job until I open my day care.
  73. Create a “business budget” for my day care.
  74. Begin licensing procedure for my home day care.
  75. Begin looking into a sales job, part time.
  76. Rework my day care contract/handbook.
  77. Rework my hourly/drop off handbook.
  78. Rework my current forms to match my current location.
  79. Create new fliers to hang around town and share.
  80. Create a business website.
  81. Visit Seattle, Washington.
  82. Visit Las Vegas, Nevada.
  83. Visit a real beach.
  84. Get my passport renewed.
  85. Get Laura’s passport renewed.
  86. Get Caleb’s passport renewed.
  87. Get Matthew’s passport done.
  88. Go explore 5 new places throughout Illinois.
  89. Visit 3 different zoos.
  90. Go on a helicopter ride with my children.
  91. Finalize my living will with signatures.
  92. Rework my resume to have it updated and ready.
  93. Get my kitten fixed.
  94. Get my kitten declawed.
  95. Create my children a chore/goal list for helping out around the house.
  96. Volunteer at a good cause location (to be determined).
  97. Donate $1.00 for each item completed on this list to a good cause.
  98. Donate $1.50 for each item abandoned on this list to a second good cause.
  99. Donate $2.00 for each item not completed on this list to a third good cause.
  100. Begin working on my new 101 list, to release at completion of this one.
  101. Do a blog post on each item completed/abandoned on this list to hold me accountable.