College Adventures: Again

I decided a long time ago that I wanted to work with young children.  For awhile I even held a job at a day care center in the nursery room assistant.  I loved it!  Even when it was stressful.  Until their kitchen worker quit and they just took the toddler room assistant and the nursery room assistant and tried us in the kitchen.  I ended up stuck in the kitchen… and it wasn’t where I wanted to be at all.  So I left that job (the day care ultimately closed down a few months later). I thought maybe I would like to work in the medical field.  So I went to school and have an Associates Degree in Healthcare Administration/Business.  I worked in a few hospitals as a CNA over the years.  But my heart wanted to continue to work with these young children.  I recently made the decision to go back to school to get my degree in Early Childhood Education and soon after I would like to open my own day care.  Within these pages I will be documenting some of my college adventures.  Again!

Enrolled Again:  July 19, 2013- Associates Degree in Early Childhood Education.


Math Assessment:  July 19, 2013:  96%

Reading Assessment:  July 19, 2013:  87%

The above section was pretty easy.  I’m not sure why I struggled with the “reading” section since I love that aspect.  Maybe because I get flustered with exams.  LOL!

Orientation To Early Childhood Education:

Roadmap To Success: July 23, 2013:  95%

Contemporary Child Day Care:  July 25, 2013:  100%

The above section was really easy.  Partially because I have done online courses before and also because back in the day I used to take a child care class in high school as a course.  So, I had both of these down!

Information Literacy:

Information Literacy:  August 3, 2013: 95%

Information Literacy (Applications):  August 14, 2013:  95%

I’m finally getting into the early childhood education stuff!  I’m really excited… Glad that it feels like some progress is being made!

Health, Safety, and Nutrition For Young Children:

Foundations of A Healthy Lifestyle:  August 20, 2013:  90%

Living A Healthy Life: August 25, 2013:  95%

From Theory to Practice:

Graded Project #1:

Graded Project #2:

Graded Project #3:


2 thoughts on “College Adventures: Again

  1. You and I should move much closer together and open our own daycare/preschool center. No joke, I would love to work with kids too, and we’d make a great team!

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