Something Going On

I was enjoying an average day at work Friday.  All the sudden I was overcome.  It was a feeling I can’t even fully describe.  My chest became tight and heavy.  I began feeling short of breath and dizzy.  The hallway seemed to begetting longer and longer.  Eventually, I took my blood pressure.  It was beyond a little high (145/104).  I have been experiencing this off and on for the last several days.

I assume it is some kind of anxiety attack.  I don’t feel anxious.  But I know something is going on with me.  It feels horrible.  Complete with this crazy urge to break down and cry.  Completely crazy.  It’s making me even more crazy not knowing why my chest is heavy/tight/sore.

I wonder if, on top of everything else, it means it’s time for me to go back to the doctor.  Or find me a new job.  Or maybe even both.  I don’t know but I can feel it in my chest.  Something is going on!  I just wish I knew what was causing it and what it is exactly that I am feeling.  Because I would certainly get rid of it!

So, I guess it is time to call for an appointment with the doctor… AND start polishing my resume!


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