My Addition: Handwriting

I sat down a few days ago (after completing the Netflix episodes of “My Strange Addiction”) and began thinking about some of my very own strange additions.  A lot of these are a direct product of my writing.  So, I thought it would be fun to kind of talk about some of them.

I picked my first topic… my first addiction.  My addiction with my handwriting.  I know it sounds a little crazy.  Especially since I blog… essentially no one will ever see my handwriting.  Most everything is electronic anymore.  But as I’m writing, I am highly critical.  The shapes of letters, the number of mistakes, even the size of a paragraph.  This holds true on the papers I get report from at work.  It will be re-written if I think it doesn’t look neat.

Now, I do know this is a little irrational.  I know it isn’t a dangerous addiction.  Just a silly one. It is just a fluky little thing that began when I was in school.  You know how teachers used to harass you about the quality of your handwriting.

What kind of strange addictions do you have?  I can’t be the only one with some strangeness.  Stay tuned for more of my very own strange addictions!!


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