Teen Talk: Make-Up


This week… we are discussing make up…. from a teenager’s point of view.

What age do I think make-up is okay?

I think around 9-11 is when girls should be allowed to start wearing make-up.  It’s big right now.  Teen love to wear make-up.  It’s usually the kids who wear it.  As long as they can do their own make-up or have a friend who is willing to do it for them, then it should be okay.

What make-up do I wear when I’m allowed?

I usually do eye shadow and lip gloss.  When I go and stay the night with a friend I wear lipstick, eye liner, blush, eye shadow, mascara, and body glitter.  For the school dance this year my friend wants to do my hair and make up.  I’m doing a little lipstick with glittery lip gloss, eye shadow, mascara, blush, and eye liner.  With a strapless black dress.

Do my friends wear make-up?

Yes, all my friends wear make-up every day.  That is where I feel left out.  Every girl wears make up at my school.  I’m not really allowed to wear make-up but I wish I could.  Most girls spend about 2 hours doing their make-up every morning.  When I wear make-up the most time it takes me is about 15 minutes.

Am I comfortable going without make-up?

Uuuummm… this is a hard one…  I guess not.  I’m not really comfortable without make-up.  I feel more comfortable with make-up on. 

Do I think it’s weird some girls go without make-up?

No, I don’t.  I think it’s fine that some girls don’t wear make-up.  It depends on how you feel.  Your beliefs.  If you are comfortable wearing it.  As individuals I thin the choice is up to that one person… if they do or don’t wear make-up. 


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