Tomorrow Is It…


Tomorrow starts my day shifts at the hospital.  I’d be lying if I was to say I wasn’t nervous.  As I mentioned to the girl who initially trained me when I started… I never really bothered to find my rhythm during day shift because I knew I was going nights. It was during the night time that I found my rhythm and was able to get things done as needed.  Plus I worked a night shift on Saturday night (got off Sunday morning) and I didn’t really allow myself enough days to get accustomed to sleeping at night again.  So, tomorrow might well be a LONG day!

Today I spent most of the day napping in the morning (because I couldn’t sleep last night, as hard as I tried).  Then I tried to stay awake and busy.  Off the couch and out of the bed. I knew that if I stayed sitting to long on one of these comfortable platforms I would really struggle to stay awake.  Figuring that it would mean I would struggle to sleep tonight if I slept to much.  However, what I didn’t account for was the fact that now my body is awake even after not napping.  Because, plain and simple, my body is used to having to be awake even if I don’t sleep during the day.  But because I was trying to stay busy my house is straightened up and my sheets smell clean and fresh since I did laundry.  Now if I could just get my brain to SHUT UP long enough to go to bed and enjoy those clean sheets!

I’m a little worried about how I am going to do tomorrow.  I like to be fast and get my job done but I worry.  I know that at least for the first few days I won’t be as effective as I could be.  Until I figure out my way of doing things I will be slower.  That will drive me crazy!  But I am sure I will figure it out… I just have to have some patience with myself.  They wouldn’t have offered me day shift if they didn’t think I was capable of it anyways.  So, send me some positive thoughts and such for tomorrow… oh and Wednesday!  Hopefully the weekend will be slower.  Guess we will see… since that isn’t always the case either!


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