Autumn Has Arrived

When I left work this morning… I could feel the change in the air.  When I typically IMG_0874[1]walk out in the morning it has been hot and humid.  Even as early as I am leaving the parking garage.  It just really smacked you in the face.  However, this morning I walked out into the parking garage and was smacked in the face with a chilly blast of air.  Which made me really glad that I had on my jacket already.  But it was nice to not have the air sucked out of you as soon as you step out.  How weird is it that the cooler air actually came on time since none of the seasons ever show up on time!

I’m really ready for the cooler weather.  I’m not ready for the cold weather though.  I am looking forward to doing a few activities this fall with the children.  Some things we haven’t done before!  What a way to bring in the fall… beginning day shift so we can do fun things in the evening as a family!  I’m pretty excited!!  I have wanted to be able to do these things with the kids for years but I haven’t actually accomplished it.  Although the kids have done some of these things through their schools I haven’t been able to do it myself.

  • Go Pick Our Own Apples At An Orchard-  I haven’t ever went and picked my own apples.  I know that the boys have been to the orchard where we used to live with their school.  I depend on stores to provide my apples typically but I think that going and getting our hands ”dirty”.  I think this will serve as a neat activity we can do as a family.  If we get really lucky maybe I will even learn to make an apple pie!
  • Go To A Pumpkin Patch To Pick Up Pumpkins-  I’d love to be able to pick a pumpkin for each child and, instead of carving them,  painting them and placing them either in the reading area or outside on the “porch”. 
  • Shop For Halloween Costumes-  This one is pretty self explanatory.  However, I have done this before with the kids.  But it’s always a lot of fun.  The kids have ideas of what they would like to be but we haven’t actually decided what we are going for.  We will see soon!
  • Have A Picnic At The Park-  Spending wonderful family time together on a weekend off. 
  • Family Evening-  Have a family evening with popcorn and a movie.  Watching an old favorite Charlie Brown movie! 
  • Go To The Zoo- I’d like to spend a cooler day at the zoo enjoying some time with my kids.  Maybe I can also have a day with some extended family too.  We will see!

All this fun before the hustle and bustle of the holiday seasons. Before the really cold weather moves in.  Because I dislike cold weather… and probably will plan very few extra activities outdoors while it’s really cold.


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