Single Mom: Night Shift

Years ago I began working at a hospital.  I never wanted to work a day shift as a nurse assistant.  I was married at the time so I began working a night shift. At first I was working five nights a week with each shift being 8 hours long.  As much as I tried it really affected my sleep schedule.

When I divorced, I switched to being scheduled three nights a week with each shift being 12 hours long.  However, because I was supporting my children without help and I was paying alimony to my second ex husband, I often picked up extra shifts.

Initially as a single mom the night shift really worked well.  I would work a night shift and get the kids off to school.   I would sleep while they were in school.  I would try to get up before they got home to spend time with them before I went into work again.  This way I only had 2 hours where I wasn’t “with” my children while they were awake.

As you already know…  I am switching to day shift soon.  Primarily it was because of my migraines.  But I am going to be honest when I say I’m looking forward to a normal sleep schedule.  Because, again, try as you might it will affect your regular sleep schedule.  I can’t sleep most nights.  I can be so sleepy and not get to sleep until about 4-5 in the morning.  Which means I still sleep most of the day on my days off.  I would like to be able to sleep normally.

As a single mom, I can’t be sleeping on the days the children are home.  I feel really bad when the kids are tiptoeing around on my days off.  It is one of the struggles I personally face as a mom.  I really do hope this change in schedule will help my struggle.  At least a little bit.


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