Teen Talk: Cell Phone


It is time for another edition of Teen Talk.  Laura has been working pretty hard on the post for this week.  Today’s topic was cell phones and teenagers. I asked her to address her thoughts on many aspects of the cell phone.  If you haven’t seen Laura’s introduction, please check out this post.

I have a cell phone.  It is an iPhone 4S.  I love to text but I kind of hate calling.  (Mom’s Note:  Laura does have an iPhone 4S.  Because I know that will get some people stirring… let’s say that it wasn’t expensive since it wasn’t the newest version at the time.  She has the iPhone because of Apple’s app “Find My iPhone”.  I can track her and her cell phone down to where she is at.  That is the basic reason she was given the iPhone.)

Some of my favorite apps are YouTube, Iheartradio, Sims Free Play, Matching, Jurassic Park, and Wattpad.  I also like my FaceBook app.  I wish I could get more games on my phone, but my mom took the app store off my phone.  I think she doesn’t want me to have games.  In my opinion, parents shouldn’t be able to do that.  I mean, I think it’s okay for parents to check their phone if they want to make sure their kids don’t have anything inappropriate.  However, I think that kids also deserve their privacy. 

The good thing about having a phone… is when you move, you still have contact.  I can still keep in contact with my friends even though I have moved a few times.  We spend a lot of time texting each other.

If parents ground you from the phone, I think that they should be grounded for a good reason.  There should defiantly be an end date to the punishment.  I think a good length of time is a week or two.  I don’t really like when I get in trouble for something and they take my phone away from me.  My mom takes my phone away my phone at night as well. In my opinion they shouldn’t be allowed to take my phone away at night.  Because it’s not exactly going to help me in the future. 

I think that children should be allowed to get a cell phone when they are 11-12years old.  It depends on the kids maturity and if they would break it.  Many kids get angry and throw things.  You will want to be careful with your phone because they are expensive.  You will be expected to keep your phone through the contract (normally two years).  But you might want to keep it longer. 


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