Two Of Them?!?!

Laura was in the chorus program in the school they went to last year.  However, I must say… unfortunately the new school doesn’t have a chorus program.  I knew she was a little upset because of this but she made friends and she didn’t act like it bothered her anymore.  She waited on the final verdict that they, indeed, couldn’t do the chorus program even with a volunteer teacher.  Then she went on with nothing more to say about it but to sing at home and with her friends.

However, it seemed that when Matt began discussing band it got a little harder on Laura.  She wasn’t as happy to sit back while her little brother got to continue making music.  She really began to miss being able to sing with classmates and the draw that she had to be part of that process was great.  She wanted it so very much.  Eventually she began asking questions to confirm the suspicions.  I wasn’t even sure they would let someone who hadn’t ever been in band enter the program at this point (being that she is in 8th grade).

One aspect of Laura is that she is as hard headed as me!!  So, she began to ask around to see if she could even join band.  In the end, she could join the band.  They will keep her in the regular 8th grade band class.  But in addition she will have one on one sessions to cover the basics.  She was also told that she would have to put in a lot of work at home with practice.  They should shortly be able to get caught up to her peers pretty quickly depending on how much work she puts into the process.  After getting all this information, she still wants to continue the process.

Next week, Laura will be begin practicing on the clarinet.  She is really excited about it.  I’m really glad that we were able to keep her in the music program.  I’m glad that Laura was hard headed enough to actually follow through with the research that had to be done.  A lot of times, she doesn’t have the drive to continue to do it.

I get to find out about life with two band members! Two woodwinds at that.Hopefully it won’t be to squeaky though.


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