Never Forgotten

911In 2001, the US was rocked by a terrorist attack.  A massive attack felt around the world.  That day so many lives were changed.  That day so many lives were lost.  Innocent lives that day.  Lives of people who signed up to protect the US through the years that followed

Today marks 12 years since that massive attack.  September 11th is a date that changed history books and tore apart families.  When the people who were on those planes that crashed into the twin towers and the pentagon, the people who died in those buildings, as well as the plane that crashed into the field (meant for the white house) were tragically taken from their family and friends.

Most everyone remember what they were doing.  Most everyone remembers where they were.  The people who lived in the US were just beginning their days for the most part.  I was preparing dinner at 8 months pregnant.  I lived on a military base in Germany at the time. 

The victims of the initial attacks… the twin towers, the pentagon, and the four planes.  The rescue workers who have lost their lives the day of and days following helping to rescue people and those that continue to suffer from complications because they were injured or inhaled dangerous items.  The military members who gave their lives in protection of our country.  The family and friends of each one of those groups.  Know your sacrifice will never be forgotten.

My blog will be silent for today as we remember those who have been lost and those living with their loss.


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