Teen Talk: Teen Introduction

I’m really excited to launch this new little “series” on my blog.  It’s a series that I am going to be overseeing and regulating but not really posting on.  As most of you already know my oldest is a teenager.  She is exploring her independence and increasing her skills.  She’s growing up fast!  But most of her life, that she is able to remember, I have been a blogger.  I have shared my life pretty openly though my blogging with a few details that kind of remain somewhat secret.  So, I’m launching a “series” that will feature my teenager.  I’ve went through a few names but we have finally landed on a name that I really like.  This will be called “Teen Talk”!!  This “series” will be posted every Tuesday… and Laura is really excited.  I will be monitoring her posts before she makes them and she has some very strict rules she has to follow.  But right now, she will be discussing some of her life but mostly I’m giving her topics that are out there with teenagers.  If you have any topic ideas you want a teenager’s take on, feel free to let me know and I will schedule it in!


My  name is Laura.  I am 14 and in the 8th grade.  I live in Illinois.  I’ve lived in Colorado, Germany, and several smaller towns in Illinois.  I was born in Greenville, Illinois.  I celebrate every August!  I’m a Leo.  It fits me mostly.  I live with my mother and my two brothers.  I’m the oldest kid in the house. 

My favorite colors are black, dark purple, and wine red.  My favorite things are horses, cheesecake, music, animal prints, books, and of course we can’t forget my phone!!  Some of my favorite authors are Nicholas Sparks, Stephanie Meyers, and R.L. Stine.  My favorite book is “My Sister’s Keeper”.  When I’m not reading, I am usually listening to music.  Some of my favorite singers are One Direction, Three Days Grace, Christina Perri, and Nickleback.  I love shopping. One of my favorite stores is Hot Topic.  My favorite subject in school is either reading or civics.  Reading because we get to read half the class period.  Civics because we can sit where ever we want and talk as long as we listen and take notes.

I have a couple of nicknames.  At my old school they used to call me Charles Dirvenburr.  Here they call me Sarah, Silence (which I have no idea how I got that one because I never shut up) and Sprinkles 2.  I think my greatest strength is being a good buy hyper friend.  My weakness is math.

So, there are some basics about me.  I am looking forward to being back to talk to you guys again next week!  I hope you will be back soon to read some more!


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