Back when I started blogging, the written word was the most popular method.  That was many years ago.  Back then, you didn’t even really aim to make money off your blog.  You were just blogging to express yourself.vlog  But since then, there is a new thing that has been taking over!  It’s not “new” anymore.  But it really has taken off in the form of daily videos.  The sharing of your life on video is known as a “vlog”.  Some of these people are very good and very entertaining with everything.

I am not one of the people who can do a daily vlog.  I’m partial to writing.  I am wanting to open up a little more with sharing some videos.  However, I am a little more shy about doing to much.  I prefer to have topics that I’m talking about or sharing.  I would also like to share some videos from events (like birthdays or whatever).  But I would LOVE to be able to overcome my social anxiety and be able to talk more video-wise.

So, as a follower… what kind of things would you like to see me create a video about? 


2 thoughts on “Vlogging

  1. I have considered vlogging a few times too, but have yet to do so. However, I do take videos of my kids every so often. They are more entertaining than me. lol

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