Lock Down

I’ve said it before that I’ve moved here because it is safe.  A quiet, little town where for the most part the children are free to run.  With check-ins of course.  We have a police department but most of the time it is small stuff that they respond to. But not today… today was a pretty big day for a bank, the police department, the school, and the residents of this town.

My children got to have their first “lock down” situation.  I want to start by saying the children were completely safe during most of the lock down.  They remained under lock down until the parents were informed that they could pick up the children.

When some guy came into town with the intention of robbing the US Bank.  I’m not really sure why they picked that bank or this particular town… but whatever the reason the result was a fail.  He was however chased from the bank to where he took refuge in an occupied apartment.  He remained inside that apartment, with the resident, until he finally gave himself up.  I believe it was 4 plus hours.

When the school began allowing children to be released, I went up to get the children.  They were only releasing children to parents and their authorized people.  They had to be signed out and people were ID’ed.  The children in the school were all very calm.  I saw no tears.  The school officials were calm. For a small school (a block away from the action) they did great!  They did better than some schools who see this kind of thing more regularly.  As sad as seeing it regularly would be.

The guy robbed the bank at approx. 10 in the morning.  He finally surrendered at 2:20 in the afternoon.  The school was on lock down at 10 in the morning and remained locked down until all the children were picked up.  They did have parents starting to come pick up their children about 2 in the afternoon (when law enforcement stated that it was okay) with pick up in specific places.  The school, the bank, the resident of the apartment, and the law enforcement officials all did a GREAT job!  The end result was that everyone was safe. 

I know parts of this are very vague.  I apologize for that.  I wanted to give you a link to some of the news articles but my location is one of the few things I keep private.  I’m pretty open about stuff here… but my location is something I want to remain hidden.


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