My First Band Member


The other day my youngest brought home a paper saying that they were going to be letting the children try out instruments to see what was the best fit if they were interested in band.  I did discuss it with Matthew to find out if he was interested in playing an instrument.  He was really excited about getting to try some different instruments.  I was pretty excited for him as well!

So, on Tuesday they tried out a few instruments.  They decided that the brass section wasn’t the best fit for him.  He really struggled with the way that you are suppose to hold your mouth and would really have to build up those muscles.  However, he did really good on the woodwinds.  With his best fit being the saxophone.  Which he was really excited about.

I did have to miss the meeting that I needed to attend today to discuss purchase or rental of the instrument.  I had to work tonight though.  However, I had e-mailed the band director and kind of explained what was going on.  He ended up e-mailing me back to explain what I needed to do next.  I am working on getting the next step set up.  I’m really hoping that he will be happy with this match and he doesn’t get frustrated, giving up.  Because it’s going to take work in order to learn it.  He’s such a people pleaser that sometimes the fear of failing is really hard for him.  Hopefully soon he will be starting to play on his very own sax!  I can’t wait to see what happens!  Way to grow, Matt!


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