August In Review


August has been a crazy month for our little family.  I sit down here at my desk and look over what August has been.  I’m a documenter on paper so I have an easy record of what has been going on.  So I’m wanting to look back and give you a month-in-review with easy to find post topics.  I’m happy to say that it is September… however, in some ways I wish it wasn’t.  The newest version of myself (Jess 3.1) will be released in September.  To be honest I am not very sure how I feel about turning 32.  So, let me focus on the month that has just passed for a few minutes.  I will link to posts if I have them.  Some of them I haven’t made a real post about but it was a lot of fun or whatever so I wanted to make sure that I touch about them happening.  I’m so excited about a couple of them!

1st: Began a post challenge…. Which I failed!

I managed to make a few posts but I didn’t completed the blogging challenge.  I am a little disappointed that I wasn’t able to complete the challenge.  Hopefully I will find another one to participate in again and I can manage to make it through it! There was just so much going on that a lot of times the blog fell by the wayside.

6th:  Registered the children for school.

I put it off for several weeks after making contact with the school about getting my kids registered.  I needed three proofs of residence and I didn’t have them for awhile.  Even when I did have them, I didn’t want to drag myself out of the bed to deal with all the papers you need to fill out to register a kid for school after working all night.  I did eventually get down there to get them all done.  They were pretty nervous though because the kids don’t know their way around the school and since they were doing work on the school the children couldn’t manage to see the classrooms.  We made a time to go see the school before they were left for the first day.

8th: The kids had Monster smoothies!!

As a special treat for the kids, we decided to do Monster smoothies.  They really like to drink Monster’s on occasion.  Which is rare in itself because I don’t like the idea of them drinking it to much.  So, we went through and made them some pretty yummy Monster smoothies on a day that I had off.  The kids had a lot of fun making them!

10th:  Laura’ s birthday dinner with my family.

We do birthday dinners with our family typically when there is a birthday for the kids.  So, we went to a restaurant with my mom, step dad, my grandparents, *J*, the kids, and myself.  I won’t really tell which restaurant we went to because it isn’t a “chain” restaurant and it gives away my location to much but I will say they really stuffed us.  The one  thing I fell in LOVE with was fried pickles… OH My GAWD!  Talk about yummy.  The kids were all a little hesitant… but they loved them too.  We all left with doggy bags because they really stuff you.  The servings were WELL over the “recommended” serving size.

13th:  Completed my Info Literacy class.

I passed my first full class that is directed toward my degree.  There isn’t anything more that needs to be said.  I passed really well!

16th:  The kid’s first day of school.

As soon as I got off work… we went to the school early because I felt bad that the children didn’t know their way around the school or where to meet after school.  So, we did go find out where all the children’s classrooms in the building.  Where the extra areas are (like the gym and such).  We also picked a spot for the children to meet after school to start their walk home.  They were kind of nervous but pretty excited once they found their way around.  At the end of the day, they said they were really happy there and had started making some new friends.

17th: Laura’s 14th birthday!!

This one is pretty self explanatory…. I can’t believe my baby girl is 14 years old.  She is growing up way to fast!

21st:  Electric transferred into my name!!

This is a pretty big deal… I was able to take over the final utility in my name.  I am thrilled about that.

25th:  Went to see Mortal Instruments at the theater.

My daughter really wanted to see this movie since we saw the previews during another movie.  So, we all went and saw Mortal Instruments and it was pretty good.  It will be interesting to see what’s going to happen next.  I’ve never read the books this movie is based off of but I might have to try to start them.  I’m really struggling with finding good books right now.

30th:  Began my first BIG DIY project, completed my dinning room table.

I made a complete post about this one… I am really happy with the end result of this project.  I was really kind of nervous going into it.  I wasn’t sure how it would turn out.  But after much work it is completed!  I am really thrilled with the way that it turned out.  I am LOVING it!  I am still pretty excited that it is really functioning and I’m not embarrassed by it anymore!

31st:  Went geocaching with the kids and *J* and got dinning room chairs!!

For the first time since the break-up the children, *J*, and I went geocaching!  I’m pretty happy about the fact that we did find one of the caches.  I have a great cacher (Caleb) who can spot them pretty easy.  He found this one.  But when *J* came over he had brought me 3 dinning room chairs.  I’m so happy that the children can finally sit around the completed dinning room table to eat their meals or even color.  I hope to buy 1-2 more chairs and finish my leaf to finish it off!  I’m super excited!!


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