Table Project

I’ve never been the kind of person who has been interested in do it yourself projects.  I have been done craft projects but never anything that isn’t just a hang on the wall type project.  I think I am afraid of being judged by the outcomes of the projects so I just don’t do them.  I was horrible in wood shop and metal shop.  My jewelry box wasn’t very good nor was my cutting board.  But either way, I managed to make it through the classes.  But I wouldn’t share the finished products with anyone so that they wouldn’t make fun of me.  However, when I moved… I began thinking about the dinning room table I have been using for years.  It had been in the family for a long time but when I got it, it wasn’t in the best of shape.  I even have to be honest and say that my children weren’t very good to it either through the 7 years that I have had the table.  Plus, I wasn’t always the person I am now so I didn’t push the kids to keep the house as clean and organized as it is anymore.  So, the table saw more than it’s fair share of spills that weren’t cleaned up right away.  It saw more than it’s fair share of paint spilled on it.  It’s seen it’s share of abuse.  So, I was thinking I should just put it away in storage or throw it away and then I could just buy a new one and start over.  But I have drug that table around, even when I wasn’t using it, so that I could keep it in the family.  So throwing it away wasn’t something I was very interested in.  But I wasn’t very sure I wanted to take on the task of re-furnishing the table.  My budget says… it’s not going to be possible to pay for a new table when I have a perfectly good one in my house with a little bit of work.

So when I knew that I had several days off, I decided to go ahead and get it done.  As part of making the dinning room/kitchen complete I needed to do something with the table.  Which means I was going to be beginning my first DIY project.  For me, it is a pretty big undertaking!  I took on the challenge of re-finishing the table.  I was pretty nervous about it because I didn’t know how it will turn out and the dinning room table is where the family comes together.  People will see it without a doubt! 

IMG_0742.JPG (2)

This is the table (without the leaf in it) before I started.  As you can tell, it is really showing it’s age.  It has been scrubbed so it is clean to the point that what is washable has been removed.  However, as you can tell there are a lot of areas of roughness and bad treatment.  It’s time for it to meet it’s match and for the table to look like our new life style! Something I can be proud of… instead of something I just want to cover up.  I am a little embarrassed to share this photo with you in the first place because it really looks awful!  But you won’t get the full effect of how much it changed if I don’t share this with you.

IMG_0743.JPG (2)

Now I want to share with you the product of the coarse sandpaper.  I also went through and sanded with some medium paper and then some fine paper.  But overall you couldn’t really see a difference.  It was more in the feel of the wood.  But you can see the difference.  Overall, it is great already to know how it changed.  The coarse layer of sanding is what took me the most time.  I had to go over it time and time again in order to get the table down to a wooden surface.  Lots of time was spent… and lots of sweat!  WOW!

IMG_0744.JPG (2)

The next step was the stain.  In this photo the stain was really pretty kind of wet still (that’s why it is shiny).  I had wiped the excess off of the table but it was still in a very pretty shiny stage.  I am happy with the color… it is a cherry and I kind of thought it would be lighter but I think that it will work pretty good.  I’m still impressed with how the table is looing at this point. It really is a total transformation than where it started!  But I still had several hours of work left to poly the table and I’ve lost one of the major flat surfaces in my house.  Which kind of sucks… because I don’t have a lot of counter space to begin with and I have a few things from the table sitting on the counter.  It’s driving me crazy at this point that the kids can’t use the table to prepare meals or do homework.  *sigh*  Just a few more hours….

IMG_0748.JPG (2)

Three layers of polyurethane and my little table looks pretty darn awesome if you ask me.  I do know that I’ve lectured the children already… I’ve lectured them about making sure that they keep it neat and orderly.  But I also lectured them on the fact that any spills that happen, need to be cleaned up quickly.  Telling them that they won’t be in trouble for any spills but that letting them set on the table is what is ruined the last one.  After all those hours of work I put into this table, I also decided that the next time we move this table will not be rolled like it has been in the last.  But it will be covered and protected before we move!  I don’t want to have to do all that work again!

I still have a leaf that needs done… but I will be doing it on my next short week.  Being that it’s smaller, it shouldn’t take so long but I’d like to get it done to match.  I’m not sure what is next after that.  I’m hoping to get my dinning room finished up mostly with the next couple paychecks so I can finally share the whole thing!


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