Small Annoyances

I really did have a different post I was going to share with you tonight.  But instead I am sharing this one… I’ll get my normal post up soon!  Something light hearted and less angry. 

Dear Other Shopper-

I left my house tonight for the sole purpose of picking a few things up.  A couple things for a project at my house.  A few last minute items for back to school for my children. A few groceries.  Because my children needed to have shoes for gym, they accompanied me to the store tonight.

I won’t lie… sometimes they are rambunctious.  However, today they were being very good.  They were being very polite to other shoppers.  When I ran into you, I was searching for some wood stain while my children discussed wall decorations behind me.  In an inside voice, very calmly.  So, I’m not really sure what exactly it was that caught your attention but it’s all good.

When I asked my daughter to help me by putting an item into the cart while I continued getting some other stuff, I noticed you look.  I am hyper sensitive to some things, like my environment.  Most abuse victims are. I wasn’t even surprised when you asked the ages of my children.  It happens… a lot! I wasn’t even surprised by the look on your face.

Let me explain about why I wasn’t surprised by that look.  It doesn’t matter if a person sees the children or are just told about my children.  It is the same exact look.  You see, I am young.  I typically look even younger.  I know that I started young to begin with.  I know my appearance makes it look like I started even younger.  However, folks either leave it alone or they will ask questions.  I’m fine either way. 

However, what you did following “that look” was completely unacceptable.  Especially since  my children were present.  Because you can say what you want to me… about me, but sir…NEVER talk to or about my children.

“You are completely useless for having children that young.  You daughter will be useless just like you.”

Excuse me?  I completely fought the urge to be a b*t*h to you. I wanted to scream and yell at you.  I really don’t like people who make assumptions about other people.  You didn’t even know how old I was to make an assumption about.  You don’t know what I have been through. You don’t know what I have accomplished. You don’t know me… or my children.  You don’t know anything about our lives to know if I’m useless… and you definitely don’t know anything about my daughter (who may or may not follow somewhat in my foot steps).

So, I really hope that I don’t run into you again while we are shopping… because if my children aren’t with me, I’d be tempted to give you a piece of my mind!  I hope that you don’t mistake my silence as you walked away from your assumption as a weakness or as being defeated.  I’m just useful enough to know that I am responsible for raising these children to care for themselves and for our generation (and you didn’t look much older than me) when we need assistance as we age… therefore, they didn’t need to hear the choice words that I wanted to say to you.  Hopefully, the next girl you make assumptions about… you will keep your thoughts to yourself.  It’s a shame I didn’t pull out my phone and snap a quick photo of you!  I would have loved to share it here!

In hopes we never meet again,

Parenting N Paychecks


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