Almost Done

I have been working on my first actual early childhood education class.  It covered health, safety, and nutrition in young children.  I am now almost done with this first class.

I’ve really flown through the book learning part.  Each of my exams received high grades.  It is really an easy class but my exams are all multiple choice.  I do still have a proctored exam to complete at the end of the semester which will be a mix of multiple choice and essay style questions.  This will need to be completed before the final grade for the class is given out.  But there are still three more grades that stand in my way.

I’m down to three graded projects. One I will fly through because it is about hand washing and diapering.  The other two will suck because they are full out essay style papers.  I always dislike writing for a grade.  I much rather not be under that pressure… I’m beyond ready to be done with this part!

I’m ready to face the next class. Send me some positive thoughts to get through this last set of challenges in this class!


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