The Exam!


Many years ago, when I was in school, I had to pass a test covering the US Government and the Constitution.  There was so much pressure on this exam.  It was a pass it or repeat type of exam.  When I say repeat… I don’t mean the exam but they were requiring us to retake the whole class.  It is not fun pressure.  But once I passed it, I completely forgot about having to take this exam.

At least I forgot about the exam until Laura (who just stated 8th grade) came home and told me she had to go to the library to study with her friends.  Which of course lead to a conversation about what she was studying.  She said that in her civics’ class they have a test they are required to pass about the US Government and the Constitution.  Wow, was I taken back.  I forgot all about it until she said something.  I didn’t even know if they still required the passing of such an exam.  She has found a great group of friends at the school who she texts and talks to.  She loved to hang out with them.  They’ve been going to the library to study for this exam together as well.  My daughter has become a social butterfly here.  I love it.  Except that I don’t always see her a whole lot… because she comes home and leave after checking in.  Hopefully the studying will help her pass the exam because they have the same rules, pass or retake the class.

Her exam is happening soon!  I’m excited and nervous for her.  She’s pretty nervous herself but she is going to do just fine!!


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