Coming Together


My house is really coming together.  Bit by bit.  Recently, there have been lots of additions to my last set of photos I shared with you.  Of course you will notice I haven’t shared any more housing pictures with you all.  I wanted to kind of address that point

I’ve taken photos as I’ve progressed.  However, I was really torn about sharing these photos.  I think mostly because I still see so much work I want to do before I call it done.  I really just want to share my completed rooms at this point.  Not every individual progress photo.

I’m finally at a point where I am excited about it all. I’m at a point where I am really focusing on finishing each room to completion before moving onto the next room.  The only change in that progression is when something is gifted for another area.  But I put it where it needs to go and then I  go back to what I was doing in the previous room.  I will be going around in circles if I keep trying to work on all the rooms at once.  It mentally drives me nuts so I am going to just work on one room.

Currently my room of focus is my dinning room and kitchen.  Again because they are really just one big room.  Slowly they are really coming together.  Recently I got a microwave stand.  I should have chairs soon.  I made the decision to re-finish my existing dinning room table.  I should be able to get it re-finished soon.  When I get it done I will share photos of the room completed.

I am going to share my “wish list” for my dinning room and my kitchen.  I will be removing items as I purchase them so you can see how close I am getting to finishing!  Hopefully it will go well and I can get it finished within a couple months.  I’ll probably share my wishlist link on a page I am working on creating.

Also, I plan on re-finishing my table this week.  I plan on sharing my experience.  This will be the first time I’ve done this!  I’m pretty excited and nervous right now.  I really hope that it turns out okay!


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