It’s Official


A few weeks ago I mentioned that I had some news about work. I didn’t want to say to much then because I didn’t have all the details.  I would have been unhappy to overshare some information and then find out things were changing. However, the details have been figured out… so I am now free to share.

As I mentioned in the initial post I had missed a few days of work. I missed them because of migraines.  Migraines that were more controlled prior to switching back to nights.  They weren’t perfect, even then, but they were better.

Because of the “reasoning” behind my headaches it makes sense that the extra stress is causing them.  Night shift is really hard on a person’s body.  You might not realize it unless you work nights… but it isn’t easy for the human body to function on a night shift.  It’s stressful for the human body, even when you’ve adjusted to them.  There is proof that working nights can cause increases in illness, high blood pressure, etc.

So, they have decided to offer me day shift.  I accepted the change but I am really nervous about it.  I typically don’t like my job during the day.  But my choices are to accept days or risk having to many call offs. I need the job so I won’t risk loosing it.

The change is official on the new schedule.  I’ve signed up for DAY SHIFT!  Somewhere around the 21st of September.  That is my last night shift.  But I can’t remember which day I signed up for my first day shift though.  Although, now I am kicking myself because I was suppose to take several days off before switching to days to help me adjust.  I just don’t think that I gave myself the days off like I was suppose to.  Hopefully I will adjust okay.


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