Pain In The… Landlord

Since moving into this little house I’ve had a lot of disappointments.  To be quiet honest with you… I haven’t been disappointed with my house.  It is the landlord I am disappointed with.

Initially there was a LOT of contact and discussion about work that needed to be done on the house.  Then I had a set back with one of the utilities.  I had contacted her in a panic.  I was thrilled when we worked something out.  But since then… it has been nothing but trouble.

We agreed on a few different projects that needed to be done.  We agreed that the windows that they started needed to be finished.  They also wanted to replace the roof (which they have started above the porch but haven’t finished the main sections of the house yet) and the siding (which they also started to remove but never finished removing nor put up new where they had taken them down).  This was all agreed upon before I even saw the inside of the house.  I was told that they would be doing each project one at a time.  Which was fine… I could deal with them working on one project.  But it has now been 3 months and nothing.  She claimed to have “order” windows to finish the upstairs a week after I moved in.  N-O-T-H-I-N-G!

When we looked at the house we all began discussing central air.  She said she would put it in because she was thinking about it anyway.  I confirmed it by email later.  Initially she had said it would be installed that week.  Then it changed to with my security deposit.  Which I paid a few weeks before I moved in.  Then it turned into with my first month’s rent.  Which was paid when I got my keys.  Three months later…  I have no central air and she has only supplied me with a portable that doesn’t keep the house below 75 degrees.

Then my hiccup… I couldn’t put the electric in my name.  I had  a past due bill (to be paid by my ex) that was larger than I even knew.  There wasn’t any way I could come up with what needed to have it paid for.  In my panic I called my landlord and explained.  She had let me know that she would work with me while I paid it down.  Knowing that it could take several months.  We even put something into the lease however, I wasn’t careful enough and it didn’t state a date or anything.  Just that I would pay my electric bills to her and she would keep that bill in her name. So every week I would have a text message threatening to turn it off.  Which I never really understood since the bills were being paid and she was always told when I would be mailing the check.  It isn’t pleasant to constantly live worrying if she would be telling them to turn it off or not.  Knowing I was making my payments as I could to the company.  Eventually I did get that text that said “I’ve called the company and it will be disconnected on this day… figure something out before.”  It turns out she is like that because she has stretched herself to far… she can’t pay her own bills.  Even though I was mailing her my payments she would freak out.  But it isn’t my fault and I hadn’t done anything wrong.  I wasn’t costing her anything extra because I was paying my part.  So, I dunno.

Overall, I am not very happy with my landlord right now.  I love this house… but unless things change A LOT, I won’t be signing another lease here.  That makes me really sad.  She would like me to buy this house.  However, my credit isn’t going to be corrected enough to purchase a house right now.  Not before next year.  There isn’t any way that I am going to do a contract-for-deed with this woman.  It is way to much of a risk to enter that contract.  I won’t do it.  I can’t do it.  So, I doubt that I buy this place unless somehow my credit gets fixed before then.  I think I will be less upset when the work gets done.  I’m satisfied that at least she can’t harass me about things though.  Now… maybe I will have to harass her about getting things done like they were actually agreed on.


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