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For the first time since my children have been in school, the first day of school was a full day.  My children had some mixed emotions this year.  They were excited, nervous, and happy.  It was really neat to see my children more excited than anything about school.  I’m glad that I got my group photo of the children though, so I can do one at the end of the year too.

I must admit that the kids were probably more nervous because of the new school.  I worked the night of school orientation so they missed their tour.  I think it was eased a little with my taking them early to find our way around.  They knew where to meet each other after school… they knew their classrooms… and they knew their teachers.  By the time I left, I think they were beyond ready.

They came home from school and were excited to tell me everything.  They even made lots of new friends!  The school is small enough that I was a little worried.  Sometimes they aren’t very accepting but the children didn’t have any problems.  We are all pretty happy about that!

I had a little trouble during the day.  As I was trying to sleep.  I guess the silence worried me.  I kept waking up in a panic… yelling for the children.  Eventually I calmed down and remembered they were at school.  It was a crazy day for sleep.  Just sucks when you have to work that night too!


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