As a single mom… I really happen to dislike back to school shopping time.  I really dislike it even schoolsuppliesmore when I am doing it alone.  I’m not referring to being “single”… but it does refer to the fact I have no support for shopping/fees from people who should be supporting their kids

I have to often spread the needs out.  However, it is made worse by extra needs at the beginning of the school year.  Which is okay.  I’m happy to give my children what they need to be successful.  Even if it means doing it alone.

So today I finally finished up the children’s school supply shopping.  At least the bulk of it.  There is always something that needs to be purchased after the first day of school.  Buying Caleb’s supplies was by far the hardest.  I’m not even talking about financial means.  I’m discussing the fact I had to wait to do his until closer to when school starts.  It meant that it was pretty crowded.  It was beyond a mad house.  People were literally reaching around/over people who were standing there looking at the supplies.  Pushing and shoving. It was horrible!!  I already have some social anxiety so it was even worse with this behavior of strangers.  It was honestly worse than several years ago when I worked back to school in retail.

School starts Friday for all three of my children.  I’m ready so I can sleep during the day. They are ready to go for the most part. As far as supplies and willingness.  I’m hoping their first day is great!


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