I would like to finally give you all the unpacked version of my house.  It is slowly coming together and feeling more and more like home.  There is still quiet a bit that I want to get done.  With time, it is moving forward.  I am really enjoying watching things come together.  You might remember me talking about being a control freak in the past.  So, sometimes I find this waiting to get things done that I want to get done really hard.  You can also check out my initial pictures here.  Let’s see what a difference some time as made.

IMG_0517.JPG (2)

This is the bathroom.  In this picture it is really only semi-unpacked.  As you can tell, there isn’t anything on that shelf unit (which there is TONS of stuff on it now).  But you can get the major idea.  I would like to find a way to put a curtain up on that window back there (that is locked and unable to be opened).  I’m still trying to find out what kind of “theme” I want in this room.  Right now, I am using a clear shower curtain so that at least the shower can be used.  There is also another area that I am wanting to stick a towel rack because there isn’t any storage for towels.  Also, I need to get a couple rugs still for outside the shower.  My main problem with my theme decision is that I don’t know what will work out for both the girls and the boys in this house.  I don’t want it to girly nor to manly.  I really don’t have a whole lot of things I have planned for this room… just small stuff.

IMG_0540.JPG (2)

This is the dinning room.  I’ve begun hanging pictures up in this room and matching it with the kitchen.  Since they are all just one big room.  I’m doing more of a “brown” theme in these two rooms.  The little shelves are full of little knick-knacks.  I’m hoping to get a curtain up soon.  The kitchen needs rugs and I need to get some new towels.  When I have a chance I would like to get a microwave stand.  I’m looking into buying a new table or refinishing the one that is currently holding the microwave.  I also need to buy a coffee maker.  I need a utensil drawer for my silverware as well because there really isn’t any drawers in the house.  I will be buying a dish drying rack soon too. I miss a garbage disposal and dishwasher.  The last thing I plan on is a pretty big sized rug under the dinning room table.

IMG_0551.JPG (2)

This is the living room now that it is unpacked.  Before I got this picture I went ahead and hung some energy efficient curtains because that little air conditioning unit you see was really struggling to keep the house cool.  Plus, with me working nights it was hard to sleep with the windows open with just blinds.  I do have a little more work to do still within the living room.  I need to still buy 3 more curtain panels.  I am wanting to buy a rug for the living room when I find one I like.  I am also wanting to get a movie shelf and a couple tables for the ends of the couch.  Each of the stacks of boxes are going to be replaced with a table.  I’m not sure what else I have going on in this room right now.  I kind of want to paint things when I find out what kind of tables I am getting (so things match).  I would like to be able to hang some more photos up on the walls too eventually.  But it will come with time.  I obviously kind of went with a blue theme to tie in my curtains to my couch.  I’m loving the curtains though.  They really do help with light control.

IMG_0536.JPG (2)

This one should have been up one by the dinning room.  Since it really is just one big room.  But I forgot to share it above.  Currently, this room doesn’t even start to touch my “brown” theme I began in the dinning room.  However, right now it is functional…  even if it doesn’t match right now.  I also have a refrigerator and the stove in place right now.  I won’t give a lot of details as to what I am planning with this room because I already gave most of the details  up in the dinning room description.  I’m just ready for the rugs to be normal rugs instead of bathroom style rugs.  Plus hopefully, I can get some place to store the utensils so I can get some counter space.

IMG_0599.JPG (2)

This photo is a little bit of a weird shape because of the fact it’s taken in panorama.  But this is my bedroom.  Since there isn’t a closet in my room I took the portable one from Laura’s room.  I like it a lot more than what I had originally planned where I was just going to buy a bar to hang clothes.  I sill need to find a little hanging closet for my dresses that are currently hung up on the side.  That way I can protect them more instead of just leaving them to hang.  I would like to hang up some energy efficient curtains because the current ones in this room don’t block out very much light.  I also am going to purchase a new bed set because this one is to big. However, I’m not sure what I want to do.  I am also wanting to hang some pictures on the wall.  A couple rugs.  Overall, it is starting to feel like a completed room.  I am pretty happy about this room still.

IMG_0600.JPG (2)IMG_0601.JPG (2)IMG_0602.JPG (2)

I’ve had to take several photos of the boy’s room.  Because of the way it is spread out and the way it is set up.  As you can see with the middle photo you can kind of see how the room is set up.  There is one main part as well as a little nook room off to the side.  With more than enough room for the second bed and some toy box.  Each bed will eventually have a little side table next to it.  But for now, the only place there is a table is on Matthew’s side of the room.  The picture with the cars is Matthew’s side of the room.  The one with the danger sign is Caleb’s side.  As you can tell, the window unit for their room is over on Caleb’s side but it does a great job.  If you look closely there is a little small door on Caleb’s side.  There is also a small door on the other side… which the kids want to use as an extended play area (when it cools down anyways).  They need energy efficient curtains hung up in their room (because the light makes it hot and the boys don’t sleep well when the sun comes up at all).  I haven’t even begun to think about what their theme is going to be just yet.  They used to have a sports theme at one point but the boys really don’t want it to carry over.  So with time they will be able to choose which theme they want and their will be a curtain placed for a door on their room.

IMG_0603.JPG (2)

This is Laura’s current room.  She needs some book shelves as well as a bed frame.  Her boxes will be replaced with a table as well.  However, with time she will have a theme for her room as well. I’m just not sure which direction I am going to take it in.  Or what she really wants right now.  She has a window that is small and has an air conditioning unit.  Since she is scared of being in the dark and has the ability to sleep through the light (as do most teenagers) I am going to leave it up to her what she wants to do with her window coverings.  She is a little bit unsure of what to do herself since she hasn’t had her own room in quiet awhile.  With time it will come along.  She is going to get a pretty rug and maybe a sitting area to read in because she loves to read.  The last part is going to be doing a curtain across her door as well to provide privacy and make it easier to keep her air conditioner to cool her room.

It will all come together with time.  I just have to be patient with it and allow it to happen without rushing things.  Which is always a challenge for me.  But at least it is coming together.  I still don’t have pictures of the porch area that I am going to use for the office.  I also don’t have a picture of the laundry area that is currently storing my lawn mower… with no washer and dryer.  I’m about ready to get a washer and dryer though.  It will be so much easier when I don’t have to go down to the laundry mat to do laundry… especially when they aren’t a 24 hour place so half the time when I’m stuck awake because I can’t sleep I can’t even go do laundry then.  Again…with time Jess!


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