Something Fun…

Blogging Challenge

Right before school ended (but as part of our summer vacation)… we all took a trip to Chicago.  The children had never been and I had only been to the Navy Pier when I was MUCH younger.  *J* had a friend who’s band was playing there and although we weren’t together at the time we decided that the children would probably really enjoy the experience.  So we had many discussions about what we should do while we were there to get the most out of the visit.  What we ended up doing was driving up on a Friday.  We checked into our hotel and went to see the band play.  Then we decided that we would make the whole weekend out of it.IMG_0329.JPG (2)  I am really glad that we did it!!

The first thing we did on Saturday was go up in the Sears Tower (Willis Tower now).  Since I had bought tickets in advance we skipped some of the lines and before you know it we were going up in the elevator to the top.  I did force my child who was afraid of heights to step out onto the “glass” ledge.  Then took a quick picture.  One with just the three kids and one as our family.  Laura, who is the one who was freaking out a bit, did great and she really did enjoy the view from up top.  Just not from the ledge.  I was even nice enough to let them take home a souvenir.  It was a lot of fun.  But we did SOOO much walking to get there that I ended up with a pretty sore foot.  I’m not quiet sure what I did though but it hurt the rest of the weekend.  We tried to walk as much as we could to avoid some traffic.

IMG_0330.JPG (2)

For dinner Saturday *J* thought we should REALLY try some Chicago style pizza!  It was HUGE!  It was DELICIOUS!  I’m so glad that we managed to get some.  I wasn’t sure what the big deal would be…but OH!  MY! GAWD!  I was in love and really wish I could find it around here.  Doesn’t happen though.  There was enough cheese to last me for the rest of my life.  The children loved it as well.  I think each one only managed to eat one slice because of how filling it was.  The kids were filled up and slept pretty good!


Sunday we took advantage of going to see the aquarium… Which we didn’t even make it half way through!  We did manage to watch the aquatic show which Laura loved and we saw the Jellies which Caleb was the most excited about.  Matthew was the only one who kind of was just along for the ride.  He had a lot of moments where he was unhappy but I think he was just tired.  It tends to be hard on him to be away from his comfort zone to long.  Traveling is away from his comfort zone.  Plus all the walking the whole weekend really seemed to have caught up to him.  But overall, he still had fun too.

We then began the drive home after the aquarium…*J* had to be at work the next day and it was a long drive.  This trip was one of the furthest the kids had been on (without going to see family) but it was also one of the best ones.  The children really got to experience a lot.  They got to see how REAL big city life is.  It was really bustling and fast.


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