I procrastinated for so long when it came to registering the children for classes at their new school that I completed it about two weeks before school is actually starting.  I knew there really wasn’t a rush with it… I had already emailed the principle and let them know that I would be enrolling three new children in the school.

I had trouble leaving the school when I was done because of the fact that there wasn’t any paperwork.  I’ve never registered my children for school with less then 500 forms that needed filled out.  There really wasn’t any forms at all that I needed to fill out.  They just took copies of things like birth certificates and such.  Then they verified my address so they could put it down on my forms and a phone number… good stuff like that.  I left with a very un-fullfilled feeling because I took a pen with me and everything.  LOL!

It is a pretty small school…. The kids really shouldn’t have much of a problem with making friends.  It’s also pretty close to the house so walking won’t be a problem for them.  They even want to ride their bikes during the warmer weather… which I am a little torn about at the moment.  Just because I really don’t like risking their bikes being stolen.  I don’t trust bike locks. 

I’m just glad that registration is over with!  I have a small problem now… I have to take them to open house the night before their first day of school.  The open house is of course 6-8PM… I have to work.  So I really only have 15 minutes that I can take the kids to where they need to be without  being late to work.  With one kid… I might be able to do that.  But with three of them…. finding three classrooms and finding out three teachers isn’t going to work.  But since they haven’t been there before, I really want them to know where they are going.  *sigh*  Sometimes a single mom just CAN’T win!


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