♥ Music

Today I decided I needed to take a break from the writing prompts for August.  Mostly because today’s topic was your favorite beach.  In all honesty… I haven’t been to a beach in forever, there fore it isn’t really a topic that I can really participate in.  So, with my break from writing prompts today I’m going to take a different direction.  Today I am going to discuss music.  More so, my point of view for music.

i-love-music (1)

Music has always been pretty therapeutic for me.  It can change my entire mood.  It can make me happy.  It can make me cry.  It has powers beyond anything I’ve ever understood.  It speaks to me…  it speaks for me…  it tells my stories.  So, I’ve always loved music.  Even if my take on the song isn’t what the writer was going after.  Overall, my favorite songs generally reach a part of me I either don’t like talking about or something that starts my head spinning.  It might be saying something I want… or something I am thinking.  I tend to connect to music really quickly.

I guess the only reason that this post is even important is because now that I have my internet connection back… I am listening to music again at the house.  So, instead of the fleeting moments in the car where I think… oh I should blog about that, which I generally forget the subject or where I wanted to take that post…. I am listening to it at home with the ability to write the post and attach my song and share my thoughts with the world.  Which is why I am explaining now…  before I bombard you with music (complete with my thoughts) on here why that might happen.

Between music and writing…those are two of my major outlets for my anxiety and stress.  It’s what helped me thought an eating disorder as a teenager and depression.  It’s what keeps me from getting into a permanent deep funk of down.  Even though I still have my moments where I am down (but most everyone does).

Tomorrow, I should be back to the normal August challenge!!!  See you then!


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