10 Things…

Today’s writing prompt was a little hard for me…

“10 Thing You Shouldn’t Know About Me But I’m Going To Tell You Anyways.”

    1. I am completely addicted to soda… brown sodas mostly (Coke or Pepsi).
    2. I think entirely WAY to much…  It often prevents me from sleeping and it often causes anxiety.
    3. I have a mini panic attack when I don’t have my cell phone… even if I can’t USE it, I need it physically ON me.
    4. I sing when I am tired… I feel sorry for my patients at work come morning!
    5. I am a world class procrastinator… Speaking of which, I was suppose to register the kids for school today… guess I’ll do it tomorrow.
    6. I have a habit of checking my macaroni and cheese before I put it in the water… those boxes are NOT good at preventing bugs!
    7. I am a compulsive texter…maybe that’s why you don’t see many videos, because they would be interrupted by texts.
    8. I dislike plain water… I won’t drink it without EXTRA ice!
    9. I re-write EVERYTHING I handwrite…about 5 times!
    10. I really miss having a kindle…I miss reading on it.  I dislike carrying books around though.
Blogging Challenge

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