boobooI had left my house for about a week with my mice traps set.  There were three of them set with peanut butter.  I even spread it under the curve again in hopes that they would set off the trap trying to get to the peanut butter.  However, when I came home from being gone for all that time there were no mice.  There was no peanut butter.  Even under the curve!  They were still set but completely empty.  I was frustrated at this point.  I REALLY do have the best fed mouse/mice in town.  But then I decided to go ahead and do something.

I have added to our little family.  I have added an 8 week old kitten to the household.  Initially we though that “he” was a “she”.  But I got a text a few days before I picked him up telling me that she wasn’t sure if the kitten was a girl or a boy.  But it turned out that it was a boy.  His name is Taboo but we call him “Boo” or “Baby Boo”.  He was born June 8th.  He is very sweet but VERY playful.  Which is something I was wanting in a cat.  I didn’t want to have a skittish kitten.  I didn’t want a kitten who didn’t want some attention.  I wanted them to want to be around the kids.  Boo is absolutely crazy though!

I’ve had my share of frustration.  As cute as it can be sometimes to watch him rip through the house and play.  When I am trying to sleep it really isn’t so cute at all.  Every time I am sure that I’m going to get rid of the kitten, it does something cute and I am like… oh well just a little longer! Smile with tongue out  Plus, the little thing has GOT to get de-clawed.  Not necessarily because he attacks and scratches to much… but because he does climb with his claws, of course.  But if I am just going to find him a new home I don’t want to do it.  I can’t guarantee they would keep him as an indoor only cat and with a de-claw he wouldn’t be able to survive outside.  He will also be getting “fixed”pretty soon.  I want it done before he starts getting old enough to spray around the house.

Caleb really spends most of his time cuddling the kitten.  The other two really like him but they aren’t just as clingy as Caleb is.  I enjoy snuggling with him when I have a chance.  Meaning… when the kitten actually feels like laying down! It doesn’t seem like it happens very often though.

I hope that it works out…  but this is just like having another toddler.  LOL!  I guess time will tell.  Smile



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