It’s Here!

So, the big day finally arrived!!  I’ve been waiting awhile to add anything major to the house as far as adding bills.  I wanted to make sure that I don’t get above my head with bills that I can do without.  But the decision was made to get something done at the house.  I’m pretty happy with the decision.

We got the internet installed at the house.  I chose to get the internet installed while they are running a summer promotion for free installment.  Which really saved quiet a bit of money.  I did make the choice to not install cable services in the house at this time.   There is always time later to install it if we want.  But for now, I am going to be using other movie/entertainment services.  Primarily, I am going to be using the services like Netflix for movie/TV.  Although, I am open to other suggestions for good services for movies/TV.

With the internet installed I am also looking forward to having full access to blogging.  So, my updates should be easier to make.  Which I am really excited about… I really do enjoy expressing myself through my blog.


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