index1A few days ago I did my 90 day evaluation at work. It is really hard to believe I have been there three months already!  I had my evaluation at work a few days after my actual date.  I decided to wait until the actual meeting with my manager before I posted anything about it. 

On my actual 90th day it was a rough day.  I forgot my badge and my tracker for work.  I got stuck in traffic for 30 minutes so I was late to begin with.  Then my head began to hurt so bad I couldn’t move without having a stabbing pain in it and doubling over so I had to go home early.  It really wasn’t a good day at all.  I felt horrible for leaving early when they needed me too.

Because I had missed 1.5 days I was pretty nervous about the manager aspect of the 90 day evaluation.  I wasn’t sure what would happen about attendance.  I was sure they might tell me that it wasn’t going to work out and I’d have to start looking for a new job.  However, the meeting went really well.  I was penalized for missing that time but that was it.  The rest was as high as they could score you within the first 90 days.  They use a point system 0-5… but you can’t get above a 3 in the first 90 days.  You can get 4-5 at your year evaluations. Even my attendance one was really only knocked down to a 2.  They told me I was an asset and they are glad to have me as part of the “team”.

There is a change coming soon at work. However, I am waiting a little bit before I share to many details.  But I should be able to share soon.  I am basically just waiting for a date so I can share the news


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