Changing Banking

When I moved to the new town I decided it was time to look into a new banking option.  bankingThis is a big choice of course… because as you know, there is a lot of choices out there.  Many different types of checking accounts and many different types of savings accounts and so on and so forth.  So, I’m comparing all these options and where they are located.  Most people don’t mind being to far from their bank mostly because most places do a direct deposit for pay checks and such.  But I like the idea that you can walk into your bank and talk to someone.  Not that I have ever really done that.  But I really like having the option close by.  So, there weren’t to many choices in the area.  Plus, I really wanted away from where I was currently banking (they had made a few changes I didn’t like while I was banking with them) so that one was out.  I was left with a couple “community” banks.  Which outside of this location you won’t find ATMs.  Then there were about two bigger named banks.  I’m not very fond of credit unions so that eliminated many of those right off the bat.

I ended up opening a checking account online through Regions.  Overall, the online process was pretty easy.  Pretty fast.  I did get a call while I was out of town letting me know that they put a “no post” on the account because they needed to verify my address.  So, once I got back into town I took them what they needed plus signed my signature card.  Then called a bit later to make sure that it was lifted and ready to go.  To which I was happy to hear that it was, in fact, ready to go.  But since I opened it online I didn’t get the account information to order checks and they wouldn’t give me the information I needed over the phone to set up my direct deposit with my employer.  They were going to get that information for me when I went into the office and with all my other questions we forgot to get it.  So I made a call to get checks ordered and so forth.  I am almost completely set up with the new account now.  Just got to turn in my account information so that I can get my deposits done correctly.

I was very pleased with their customer service during this visit in the office.  They were more than willing to work with me on getting information that I needed.  Smile  I had asked about if they have any faster way to do shipping on my checks and they said they only offer one but they would work with me on getting an official check from the bank if I needed it since I have been held up a bit on paperwork.  The lady I’m working with has said that it’s better to just go into the branch and open it there instead of online but she knew I couldn’t go back and change that at this point.  I think that we are pretty much good to go at this point.  Hopefully, I will continue to have good service with this company!


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