Pre-Move Photos

I’ve been trying to figure out a good way to do my “pre-move” house tour.  Because I don’t have a lot to say about these photos they ended up pretty messy when I tried to format it originally.  So, now I”m going to do it this way.  These photos were taken June 1, 2013.  The only “rooms” that are missing from this series is the porch area (which will be coats and the office area) and the laundry room.  The porch area was stacked full of boxes and so forth and there really isn’t much in the laundry room yet.

  1. IMG_0497.JPG (2)
  2. IMG_0496
  3. IMG_0500.JPG (2)IMG_0499.JPG (2)
  4. IMG_0501.JPG (2)
  5. IMG_0498.JPG (2)
  6. IMG_0502 IMG_0503
  7. IMG_0505.JPG (2) IMG_0504.JPG (2)

1.  Kitchen.  Prior to stove and refrigerator being placed.  There isn’t a lot of storage room within the kitchen except a pantry that is off to one side (the door is white so you can’t really see it).  The cabinets are all really high so I can’t reach them.  Plus they have a pipe that runs through the top shelf so really there isn’t a lot of room inside them.  I will be adding some storage with a microwave stand with drawers and cabinets.

2.  Dinning Room.  That little knick-knack shelf is in both the dinning room and the kitchen.  On the other side is that porch I mentioned.  It’s completely enclosed.  It is a nice little room.  Anyways, there is also an old phone on the wall.  I don’t know if it works and I’m not in a hurry to find out either!  🙂

3.  Living Room.  One shot from the dinning room.  One shot from my room. It’s pretty self explanatory… But if you have questions just ask.

4.  My Bedroom.  The only room that doesn’t have blinds placed (it will have blinds placed though).  It also has no closet.  But it’s a nice size and is located off the main road so I don’t get a lot of headlights in my windows.

5.  Bathroom.  The window in there doesn’t open. There is also NO storage what-so-ever in that room.  I have plans to buy/make a towel rack for our clean towels but it’s a work in progress.

6.  Girl’s Room.  This room is the only one that is painted any color but white.  When we initially looked at this place, this room had been spray painted an electric green.  At my request that was taken care of.

7.  Boys’ Room:  This room is set up kind of unique.  It’s almost two rooms in one.  There is a part that’s its own little nook where one of the boys will have their bed.  The other part is more open but it’s a pretty neat set up!  The boys really like it.

Very soon, I will post some pictures of the house… with it unpacked.  Although there is a lot of progress that needs to be made with it still (things I need to buy over time) it is looking like home.  Starting to feel like home too.  I’m pretty excited that it’s moving right along and will share it pretty soon!


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