Summer Moments

I’m joining in this week with the writing prompts that you can find over on MamaKat… Smile.  This should be fun!  When you are done reading this, you should go on over there and see what kind of prompt is up your alley!

“List Your Top 6 Favorite Summer Moments So Far”

  • The Last Day Of School:  As the excitement has built around the children knowing their last day of school was coming up… I really enjoyed welcoming them home for the last time as 7th grader, 4th grader, and a 3rd grader.  Although I knew it wouldn’t be easy because I am working nights I was ready to be able to spend time with the kids!
  • The Move:  I went into this move absolutely kicking and screaming.  I went through so much emotion with wanting it over and not wanting it to happen at all.  I finally embraced this move while spending a lot of time away from the new house.  At this point, I am glad that I am done with the move and mostly unpacked!!
  • Kids Coming Home:  Every year the kids’ dad has the option to spend 30 days with the kids in the summer.  Sometimes he does… sometimes he doesn’t.  This summer he chose to exercise this right.  So the children spent 30 days in Colorado.  I spent 30 days being the nervous nelly mother that I am when the kids are away.  I was dreading the LONG trip but I was ready to see my babies again (yes, I know they aren’t babies anymore).  I was super glad to have them back and listen to their stories of their time away.
  • Learning To Mow:  This was the first year I’ve ever used a lawn mower.  Now, don’t I feel so accomplished!  Well… I do feel accomplished and it was one of my favorite moments was being able to mow my own yard!
  • Lazy, Sleeping In  Days:  There have been several days where we are just lazy… just lay around and watch TV… but it’s been GREAT!
  • Matt Learned To Ride His Bike:  One day his training wheels got wobbly.  We then decided to just remove them.  Within an hour he was busy riding his own bike without much help!  With just a little encouragement he was on there and going.  I’m so glad that all three of them can safely ride a bike without any assistance.

Hopefully, we will have a few more favorites in the last month of summer break! I can’t believe that school is starting up again soon.  WOWSER!

Mama’s Losin’ It


4 thoughts on “Summer Moments

  1. Do I ever agree with the “lazy, sleeping in days”. Aren’t they great?! Sometimes I get anxious with our down time and fret about keeping the kids busy, but I try to remind myself that it isn’t always like this, so relax – enjoy.

    Thank you so much for stopping by from Mama Kat’s. And, have fun with your lawnmower!

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