A Very Mowing Experience


I’ve lived in many dwellings.  I’ve done apartments as well as houses.  I’ve done a rental house and a house I was doing contract for deed for.  However, aside from apartments or staying with my parents… I’ve never lived in a house by myself.  You know, when you’re the only adult in the house… it leaves a lot of work.

My yard is pretty small…  It really only SHOULD take about a half hour to forty-five minutes to mow.  My landlord was nice enough to mow it for me for awhile.  But with what it was costing me to pay her, I could have bought a mower in a month.  I didn’t have that kind of money.  Then she decided it was hot and they already had 4 other yards they needed to mow.  She wanted me to find someone else to mow it.  Which at first, I didn’t think would be a big task.  Certainly there would be some little boy who wanted to earn a little extra money.  However, I wasn’t finding it.  Within the next couple weeks the grass grew fast.  Lots of heat and lots of rain… lots of TALL grass.  Which, when you live in town means the city will watch and when it gets to tall…they will issue a ticket.  *sigh*  Not that I have a lot of money to spend on a lawn ticket either.  LOL!  We are still rebuilding dang it!  LOL!

I began reaching out to family and friends with mowers.  I didn’t need them to mow it… I just needed one to borrow for the a day.  But I don’t live near any of my family or friends so it would be a long drive to simply borrow a mower.  When a bit of light began shining through a rain cloud for me.  A friend of my little family was willing to help us out.  They were willing to help us get a cheap mower for us to keep.  I’m forever grateful for the friends that are helping us out during this transition.  Because it really hasn’t been an easy transition for us.  There has been a lot going on behind the scenes.  But now I was getting to see *J* earlier, getting a mower, AND learning how to mow… all in 24 hours!  WOOT!

See, I’ve never mowed a yard.  At my parent’s house my step dad always mowed the yard.  He liked it done a certain way so he just did it himself.  At an other house, there was a man around who did all the mowing while I passed out cold water/lemonade.  So, this was going to be quiet an experience.  Plus, my children are old enough to help complete this task too.  Since they really haven’t mowed a yard either it was time for them to learn.  This is why *J* was coming all the way to the house… to teach.  Given the fact that I had to work the night before and the night of… I was hoping it wouldn’t take very long.

Long was an understatement. It seemed like it took forever.  Plus it was really hot!  Even for being pretty early in the morning.  We all took turns starting the mower and mowing.  Eventually I made a few passes and *J* thought I was having a little to much fun.  Since I had worked and had to work again… he foresaw a headache coming on and he pushed to have the kids do more of it.  Which, in hindsight, was probably a good idea.  He sent me in a couple times to get a drink and also to take some medicine.  By the time we were done and we all came inside everyone needed a shower.  Once I sat down (as I let the kids take their showers first) the fact that I hadn’t been asleep in over 24 hours hit me.  Suddenly, without the adrenaline and activity I was absolutely drained.

I slept pretty good following that though… Minus a couple knocks on the door to move my car (long story).  Plus, I had to get up early to leave for work because of that long story that I had to move my car for.   I was already prepared for the night at work to be over!!


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