I have a dog.  Currently, he stays with my mother.  He’s been there for a little over a year.  I miss him terribly.  But the apartment that I lived in with *J* and now the house I’m living in won’t allow me to have him.  So I have had him staying with my mom because I didn’t want to have to get rid of him altogether.  He was such a super puppy… great with the kids and all.  Plus he really met my needs as a therapy dog (I have super high anxiety issues).  I was sad to have him stay with my mom.  Always hoping that we would be able to get him back at some point.  But it appears I’m going to have to re-home him at some point soon because my mom isn’t going to want to keep him… and yeah… Sad smile.

I’ve been hoping that the landlord would give a little bit on her rule about dogs/cats since I’m the least of her worries as far as tenants go.  But she isn’t wanting to give at all since she installed carpeting upstairs.  Granted, it’s that cube carpeting (not one flat carpet but many tiled carpet pieces.  Which, would be easy enough to replace if needed but she still hasn’t gave any and a lot of things are… hard to deal with so far.  But I’ve always thrived on having a pet.  I’ve had just about anything you can imagine for a pet.

I’ve really considered getting a kitten to take care of the mouse problem that I continue to have in the house.  The traps aren’t working (as the mice keep eating off of them).  Poison is just going to make me hunt down dead and stinky mice.  Not so much fun.  Plus, having a kitten would do the same thing for my therapy needs.  As long as I pick the right kitten.  Not one that is anti-social.  But I know that it is breaking the rule of no dogs/cats in the house.  So I’m torn.  I can’t keep supplying the mice with food (I swear they are the best fed mice in town) and not catching them.  But I know that I probably can’t even sell her on the idea of allowing a cat in the house any better than I tried with my dog.

At one point, I considered a ferret.  Because they are an animal that can be caged but also litter trained I was hoping it would be a happy medium.  It’s not even one I would really run by the landlord because it’s not an animal that will ruin any part of the house.  But it also won’t help out with my mice at all.

I’m so torn as what I can do… wanting an animal at home is driving me crazy… needing that companionship is driving me crazy.  Knowing that I can’t… is hard too.  Even with good reason.


2 thoughts on “Pets…

  1. Knowing you the way I do, I strongly recommend getting a dog (or getting your dog back) with the therapy allowance your doctor can give you. I feel you really do need that in your life, and I’m telling you its miraculous how much it helps the anxiety and such! Please, give it a try.

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