I’ve been firing out a lot of decisions recently.  Some so small they seem to not really matter a whole lot.  But some are rather large, life changing decisions.  This one falls, somewhat, in the life changing column. 


I’ve decided that I am going to go back to school again.  I’m going to attempt to take it an accelerated speed as well.  I typically do well with online classes so it shouldn’t be to bad.  I’m pretty comfortable with this decision.  I’ve even made decent progress so far.  So, here’s to working full time and completing school with high grades!  I really haven’t missed it… but it needs to be done if I want to make the most of my dream I am trying to accomplish.

I’m going back to school for Early Childhood Education.  I’ve been wanting to open my own home day care for a while.  But it requires some planning and some work.  I could gather a whole new range of clients if I have my ECE degree.  People who would otherwise pass because they would rather have someone with a degree.  Plus it will open up opportunities to work at established day care centers too, as something more than the “assistant”. 

I’m sure that I am biting off a lot… but I know that I can do it!  Just hopefully it all goes well.  I’m excited… and ready to see where this will take me in life.  Smile


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