Blogging With Teenagers

Back in the days when I first started blogging… I had babies.  In fact, I not only had babies but I was pregnant.  My has time really passed.  I had a 1 year old and a huge belly.  I lived overseas and I was married to a military man.  I was completing high school.  It was initially an easy way to keep the family back home up to date on pregnancies and our general life.  It meant that a lot of people didn’t have to get an update email if they didn’t want it.  They all just got a link and then they could check it when they wanted.  Or subscribe to get an email update of when I posted.

Since then, a lot of time has passed.  I don’t think many of my family members read the blog… let alone know about it.  I really never sent out a link to them.  If they happen to find it, I am fine with that.  Smile  I’m now raising a teenager, tween, and a pre-tween.  I’ve seen a lot of friends who once blogged and have stopped.  I’ve seen a lot of us move our blogs around.  A few of us still are around to blog.

I suppose blogging with a teenager is hard.  Because they are becoming little people.  With their own opinions.  Their own thoughts of what is okay to share and what isn’t okay to share.  Some of the people who were babies back then now have their own blogs now.  WOW!

Raising this age range of children brings on a whole new level of challenges.  One thing I now have to worry about is what is appropriate to post about the teenager(s).  But I hope that we can walk this fine line without a problem.  So far, everyone is supportive.


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