Control Freak


There are many types of “control freaks” in the world.  I am one of them.  I am a control freak.  Mostly of the OCD nature.

I enjoy knowing things in advance.  Not to say that I don’t enjoy the occasional surprise.  However, for the most part I enjoy the peace of knowing what is going on.

This results in some OCD behaviors.  Or maybe the OCD behaviors are what makes me like the control.  Either way, it results in some crazy habits. Like list making and pre-planning anything that I can pre-plan.  My control/OCD even gets me on my handwriting.  When I mess up, I can’t just cross it off… I have to start over!  It’s crazy!

Overall, my control isn’t harmful to anyone besides myself.  I don’t try to control other people’s actions (per say).  I mean, I do like to plan out visits for people who are important to me and live far enough away that it requires planning to see them.  I mostly just like control over my schedule, my plans, and my ideas.  I keep notebooks with my blog ideas.  I have a planner which highlights my schedule and posts I have made, as well as highlights of the day.  I have lists everywhere.  I have goals written down that I would like to accomplish.  All the planning makes me worry less.  It makes me feel more comfortable when I have things planned a little.

But I know that this control issue that I have can drive other people crazy!  I began having some health issues (a post for another day) a while back.  It has taken a lot of my control abilities away from me to a degree.  I really hoped that I would learn to let go a little.  But I haven’t.  In some ways… it makes parts of my control worse.  So, your in for a wild ride… of the life of a single working mom who likes to have things in control!


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