There are many common practices in the blogging world.  One practice that all bloggers tend to have to make a decision about is placing images on their posts.  Some bloggers use only words when they are creating their posts.  There are just not a lot of images in the post or throughout the blog itself.  Other bloggers use mostly words but will share images but only when they are photographs in relation to the posts themselves.  So, there are a few images throughout the blog but it really is mostly word rich.  Yet other bloggers use a a few images in each of their posts. They draw attention to the posts but don’t over kill their posts with it.  The last group really do overkill their posts with images.  These aren’t your average photographer blogs (which you expect photos) but ones where the content is mostly written words.  But those words get lost within their post because of all the images.

What I want you to know going into this little blog is that I have already established my method of posting.  I already know what I am comfortable with because I have been blogging a very long time (not here of course).  I figure it is always good to know what to expect when you have stumbled across a new blog.  Especially when you’ve stumbled upon a new blog that is actually new to the internet.

My blogging style is to attempt to include some graphics within my posts.  These are not on every post however I will have quiet a bit.  But I don’t want to do overkill either.  These graphics will be either my own or ones that are found on the internet.  The graphics that I own will not be credited but they will be watermarked.  The graphics that are found throughout the internet will have credit given where it is due.  I always hold the same policy about these credits.  If I have searched a graphic that I like and I use…  I will give credit to where I found it.  If this graphic is yours and you want it removed, I am okay removing it.  However, it is easiest if you just contact me using one of my many methods.  In almost every case, it can be taken care of privately and quickly.  I do think that those graphics really help add to a blog that is mostly words.  It really breaks up the reading.  Even if it is at the beginning or the end.  It just gives something really pleasing to the eye.

With that said… I would like to take a moment to state that, at this moment, I don’t have the internet at my house.  Therefore, adding extra graphics isn’t always the easiest to add.  I will add them when I can but for now there won’t be as much of the graphic things going on.  But there will be.

So, stay tuned!


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