Social Media Inquiry

In the start of my new little blog I am wondering about social media.  Social media is really an expansion of blogging.  One I am willing to open up to.  However, I am not so open to just sign up for everything under the sun.  If I’m not going to use it regularly, I really don’t want to have to deal with it.

I’ve been pretty good with keeping a FaceBook page for my old blog.  I also generally try to keep Twitter going somewhat.  Currently, I have neither going for my blog right now.  I definitely plan on working on a FaceBook for this blog as soon as I am back on a regular internet connection.  But I’m a little stumped about what other social media is working best for other bloggers.

So, I’m reaching out to other bloggers to help me out.  If you can leave a comment about what social media you use for your blog.  Let me know which has been most helpful and which you could do without.  I will then be taking that advice to develop which media I will be expanding on.  Once I get a good list of what people like/don’t like I will be developing my social media locations and sharing the links when I have them.


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